B.Ed – I Semester

Paper No Title of the Paper Click to Download
01 Childhood and Adolescence Download
02 Philosophy and Sociology of Education Download
03 Educational Technology Download
04 Understanding Discipline and Pedagogy: Language Download
05 Understanding Discipline and Pedagogy: Social Science Download
06 Understanding Discipline and Pedagogy: Sciences Download
07 Understanding Discipline and Pedagogy: Mathematics Download
08 Understanding Discipline and Pedagogy: Commerce Download
09 Understanding Disciplines and School Subjects Download
10 Course for Lab Work: ICT-Basic Download
11 EPC – II : Language Across the Subject Download
12 EF – II : Micro Teaching and Integration Download
13 EF – I : Psycho-Social Tools and Techniques Download

B.Ed – II Semester

Paper No. Title of the Paper Click to Download
01 Learning and Teaching Assessment Download
02 Knowledge and Curriculum Download
03 Contemporary Education in India Download
04 Techniques, Methods and Approaches of Pedagogy Download
05 Understanding Self, Personality and Yoga Download

B.Ed – III Semester

Paper No. Title of the Paper Click to Download
01 Inclusive Education Download
02 Educational Evaluation Download
03 Guidance and Counselling Download
04 Value Education Download
05 Environmental Education Download
06 Pedagogy of School Subject: Kannada Download
07 Pedagogy of School Subject: English Download
08 Pedagogy of School Subject: Hindi Download
09 Pedagogy of School Subject: Urdu Download
10 Specific Pedagogy Subject: Sanskrit Download
11 Pedagogy: History Download
12 Specific Pedagogy: Geography and Economics Download
13 Pedagogy of School Subject: Physics Download
14 Pedagogy of School Subject: Chemistry Download
15 Pedagogy of School Subject: Biology Download
16 Pedagogy of School Subject: Mathematics Download
17 Pedagogy of School Subject: Commerce Download
18 Understanding Drama and Art in Education Download
19 Research Project Download
20 Gender, School and Society Download

B.Ed – IV Semester

Paper No. Title of the Paper Click to Download
01 Educational Administration and Management Download
02 Advanced Pedagogy on Specific Subject of Study (Common format for all pedagogies) Download
03 Reflective Reading and Writing Download