Rules & Regulations


1. Students should behave respectfully with all staff.

2. They should maintain discipline in the college.

3. All should attend college regularly. No one should be absent for college without taking prior permission of the principal.

4. Only during rest hours students have to come out of their class and must not wander unnecessarily in the corridor.

5. All have to maintain silence in the library. Students have to use books, magazines and periodicals neatly in the library.

6. All should compulsorily take part in national festivals, otherwise they will be penalized.

7. Every trainee has to submit their assignments, records in a given time.

8. During practice teaching classes all trainees have to behave politely with school staff and students.

9. Serious action will be taken against those who show their rebellious attitude and misbehavior in the college.

10. Participation in all activities of the institution is compulsory for students.

11. Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited in the campus.

12. As per the University norms, student’s attendance with respect to the classes, tests, seminar, assignments, lesson plans and other records is mandatory to appear for sem exam.The principal has power to rusticate any student from the college for his/her misconduct.

13. In academic matters, the rules and regulations framed by the institution from time to time shall have to be strictly adhered by all trainees.

14. Irregularity in attendance, frequent absenteeism, habitual inattention, continued inefficiency with regard to class work, lack of courtesy towards the members of the staff, insubordination, disorderly behavior, obscenity in word and acts etc, are all offences liable for punishment.